The Intersection of Copyright Law and Artistic Creativity: Lessons  from Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith and a Comparison with  Indian Copyright Law

Copyright Law and Artistic Creativity

Introduction The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts v. Goldsmith case has sparked extensive  discussions on the relationship between copyright law and artistic expression. This memo briefly  explores the case and compares the fair use provisions in U.S. copyright law with those in Indian  copyright law. By examining these frameworks, we can gain valuable […]

CERT‐In Rules and Directions 

With an increasing number of Indians using the Internet and cyberspace and  the goal of a $1 trillion digital economy by 2026, the Government of India is taking  steps to strengthen cybersecurity in India. It has established an evolving framework  comprising statutes, rules, directions and supervisory agencies intended to keep  cyberspace safe for individuals and […]

EU Shows the Way to Responsible Regulation of AI  

EU AI Regulation

European Union’s AI Act – The Dawn of a New Regulatory Regime The European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) stands as a pivotal milestone in the European  Union’s pursuit of effective artificial intelligence (AI) governance. This groundbreaking proposal strives  to establish a comprehensive regulatory framework that harmonizes the development, market  deployment, and responsible usage […]

Supreme Court Rules That Intent Is Relevant In Insider Trading Cases   

Supreme Court Insider Trading Act

In Securities and Exchange Board of India v. Abhijit Rajan1, the Supreme Court held  that the insider’s intent must be considered before determining whether the insider is  guilty of insider trading. If the insider did not intend to take advantage of the unpublished  price sensitive information (“UPSI”), the person could not be guilty of insider trading.   The […]